We are a team of business professionals with a history of getting results for our clients and the projects we take on. We develop, test
and rollout business, marketing, and sales strategies.

Iron Star is not a typical consulting company. We are selective about who becomes a client.

We work with companies with distinctive products and services — those already commercially viable or just coming to market. If this
is you or your company and we can develop a relationship that is good for your customer, your company and us, we should talk.

Current Projects

FireWav Audio for Video Gamers

The FireWav audio driver is specifically for video gamers. Powered by FiDef (patented audio technology), FireWav integrates seamlessly into the Windows-based video gaming PC and using FiDef audio processing, gamers have increased cognition, awareness, immersion, and engagement in and with their game. No special headphones or speakers are required — users just use what they already have and enjoy immensely improved digital audio. What gamers thought was great sound, now experience the nuances of “being there”, with subtle sounds in the gaming audio they didn’t know existed. With FireWav, it’s a matter of “using what you have, turning it on and starting to play”.

Iron Star Ventures is partnering with Fideliquest to introduce video gamers to the world of FiDef audio through the FireWav app. Best of all, FireWav is one of the most inexpensive apps a gamer can get for their gaming PC — yet it provides some of the best audio enhancements to hit the digital audio era, bar none!

Soon to be available through a special online site. To get added to the pre-announcement database, send your name and email address to info@ironstarventures.com  (Please use “FireWav Pre-Announcement” in the subject line)

Good Next Morning

Iron Star Ventures is pleased to work with a the CEO of a Minnesota-based botanical company who manufactures a safe, natural supplement from Birch Bark Extract. Scientific studies and research have shown the compounds from Birch Bark Extract to have healthful benefits — similar to what is claimed for CBD. However, Birch isn’t (and hasn’t been) a restricted product. Betulin, Betulinic Acid and Lupeol are the compounds from Birch. Indications are birch bark has a way of helping a person process alcohol (the kind adults drink… beer, wine, liquor) more effectively to help prevent next morning hangover. Iron Star is testing this product under the name Good Next Morning.  We are careful to point out using this product doesn’t eliminate the need the need to drink responsibly, never to drink and drive and have a designated driver.  However, there is a growing number of hangover cures on the market. They’re all over Facebook and found in Google Ads when searching for “hangover cures”.  Many of them have multiple ingredients and are meant to help you once you have a hangover — vs. preventing it.  We’ll see how this test goes!  To see more about this product, visit www.GoodNextMorning.com  Let us know what you think.

Hemp Derived CBD Oil Products Specifically Formulated for Pets

  1. CBD (Cannabidiol) is a rapidly expanding industry
  2. It has become more widely used by individuals over the past 5 years
    (Hemp/cannabis has been used for thousands of years)
  3. It’s available (and beneficial) for your pets — particularly dogs, cats and horses.
    (It can also be used with other small pets such as gerbils, hamsters, rabbits; and large
    animals such as sheep, goats and pigs)
  4. As with humans, pets get the best results when CBD (whether full-spectrum or specific formulations) are best-in-quality, come from pharmaceutical grade suppliers and contain no THC — and most of all, are dosed to be correct for pets
  5. Smart Hemp CBD is a full range of hemp-derived products for pets offering one of the widest selections for pets
  6. Iron Star Ventures has helped Smart Hemp CBD with all aspects of developing this business — from vendor selection, product development, identifying key animal industry consultants, setting up e-commerce activities, developing media and event strategies as well as strategizing with the client on wholesale and affiliate partner relationships

Unique, Specialty Pet Products – AKCPetProducts

As a complement to our broad assortment of CBD products, Iron Star is pleased to announce a special line of non-CBD products for people’s pets. The assortment of products includes such things as “handmade”, heavy white USA cotton chew toys, handmade parachute cord leashes and handmade genuine Baltic Amber collars.  (Amber is known to be an all-natural flea and tick repellant). We also include some unique Italian made pet-themed jewelry and a new product, developed by an environmental cleanup technology company — a non-toxic, clean, environmentally safe pet stain and odor remover and a general pet odor remover — that’s safe to use directly on your pet!  All these products are available on a new website: www.AKCPetProducts.com.  (The AKC stands for All K9 Company)